Ideal Gifts for Christmas: Remote Control Excavator and LED Cube.

If you’re thinking of Christmas presents for the little budding builder you have in the house, then look no further than at the Remote Control Excavator from ThinkGizmos. It can be found here:

The 1:45 scale RC Excavator runs just like the real thing. Featuring a cab which rotates 680 Degrees, movement in each direction and a working scoop and arm.

Ready to run out of the box the ThinkGizmos branded Excavator includes all batteries, a manual translated into 5 languages and stickers to customise you Excavator.

An added extra on this model is the addition on life like lights and sounds to add to the fun and enjoyment.

25 years ago, executives up and down the country felt the urge to begin cluttering their desks with various toys to prove their net worth and corporate importance. The desktop Newton’s Cradle was pretty cool and those little liquid droppers were interesting, but the stacking magnets and floating pens were just plain silly. Skip forward to 2011 and such desktop gimmicks are increasingly rare in the office. The LED Cube is poised to change all that. The perspex box contains 64 LED lights each of which is capable of displaying 1000 different colours and shades. The LEDs are suspended in lines on fine wires which randomly cycle producing millions of combinations of colours and patterns. The overall effect is definitely eye-catching and even a little, dare we say it, hypnotic. Anyone observing the LED Cube will be hard pushed not to stare with fascination as the lights change colour slowly in an ever changing symphony of silent twinkling. So when you are sitting in the office and it is all getting a little bit too much, take a quick glance at the LED Cube and enjoy a few seconds of relaxing light play. Even if the answer to your problem does not immediately present itself, we guarantee that the scintillating LEDs will at least provide a brief, relaxing break. The LED Cube is also the perfect mood light for your home, helping provide an interesting conversation piece to your coffee table, or just a relaxing mood light. Wherever you choose to put your LED Cube, it is guaranteed to attract admiring glances and comments from all who see it.


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