For those who cant have real pets… Welcome Desk Pets

I remember when I was young there was a big craze for Tamagotchi. Remember those? When you had to keep the computer pet alive and well using a couple of buttons on the front of the small gadget.

Thankfully technology has moved forward and now you can get a variey of different gadgets for those who can’t own pets.

Welcome to Deskpets. Controlled from your phone ( forget remote control toys) you can have hours of fun with these.

For someone who never got a Tamagotchi… I think I need one of these, now whih one to choose?!!

Choose your Deskpet to control

Here at Firebox HQ we’ve seen our fair share of remote controlled gadgets. Some move about on wheels, some on tracks, some on a cushion of air; but they all share one thing in common. They all need a remote control. Well not the App Control Desk Pets!

Choose between Tankbot (sturdy), Trekbot (speedy), or Skitterbot (slightly scary). Each has three different operating modes: the first sends your Desk Pet beeping and flashing away in a world of its own, oblivious to its surroundings; the second mode lets you turn your own smartphone into a remote control; and the third lets your Desk Pet discover the world all on its own!

Full control from the App

How? Well, advanced optical navigation technology allows Desk Pets to feel their way around obstacles and work out where to move next. Set them to work in a maze of baked bean tins, or just let them pootle around the living room. Their collection of sounds and light-up eyes should always let you know where they are. But never mind that; did we mention you can use your own smartphone as the remote control?

Optical navigation technology

That’s right; all you need to do is download the Desk Pet App (for free) and then plug the supplied dongle into your smartphone’s headphone socket. Then simply use the touchscreen controls to guide your App Control Desk Pets around. No battery-sapping Bluetooth, or wireless technology required!

When the power runs out, just flip out the USB connector in the back of your Desk Pet and plug it into the nearest USB port. Around 40 minutes should give you up to 15 minutes of play time. With a top speed of 1ft per second they’re even fast enough to race. And there’s no need to take them outside to do their business either. Now that’s a perfect pet.


Tankbots available (L-R): Blue, Orange, Black and Green


Trekbots available (L-R): Clear, Black, and Yellow


Skitterbots available (L-R): Blue and Clear

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