Christmas Ideas for Kids: RoboShooter and Wireless Brick Mice

A good time for everybody, that is the thing that you will get from the RobotShooter Remote Control Robot from ThinkGizmos. You can discover it on Amazon UK here.

The RoboShooter is a mobile, talking, moving and shooting toy that will bring unlimited fun for youngsters 3+.

The Remote Control RoboShooter can be controlled utilizing the included remote control to move every which way. And also moving around the robot can fire delicate disks out of his mid-section, move to music and talks different expressions.

On the RoboShooter’s mid-section are additionally control buttons that can be utilized to program the RC Robot to perform orders astonishing your companions as it shows up he is following up on his own.

Check out a video of the RoboShooter doing what he does best below:

There are certain things which appeal to certain demographic categories of people, in this case “geeks”. According to the stereotype, geeks like (among other things) computers, Star Wars and small plastic building bricks from Denmark. The humble plastic building brick has been plagiarised for many different artistic purposes but technological implementations have been somewhat rare and frankly, pretty ropey to boot. However, the Wireless Brick Mouse changes that. Looking like an oversized, well, brick, the Wireless Brick Mouse is a fully-functioned computer mouse. Right and left click buttons are both present and correct as is the ever-useful clickable scroll wheel (how did early computer users ever survive without it?). Deceptively simple looking, the Wireless Brick Mouse features 800dpi accuracy (that’s really pretty good) and magic wireless technology helping to declutter your desktop. You will need a spare USB port to plug the mouse’s wireless receiver into, but it is a small price to pay for less trailing wires. The only disappointment is that it is not possible to turn a pile of Wireless Brick Mice into an office-boredom beating construction. However, they are available in red, white and blue variants helping to give your office a splash of colour and more than a little sense of playfulness. The Wireless Brick Mouse is a perfect gift for the office geek, or for any adult who refuses to grow up. Why shouldn’t using computers be a more enjoyable experience anyway? Bricks, buttons, wheels and wireless, The Wireless Brick Mouse has it all going on.


Ideal Gifts for Christmas: Remote Control Excavator and LED Cube.

If you’re thinking of Christmas presents for the little budding builder you have in the house, then look no further than at the Remote Control Excavator from ThinkGizmos. It can be found here:

The 1:45 scale RC Excavator runs just like the real thing. Featuring a cab which rotates 680 Degrees, movement in each direction and a working scoop and arm.

Ready to run out of the box the ThinkGizmos branded Excavator includes all batteries, a manual translated into 5 languages and stickers to customise you Excavator.

An added extra on this model is the addition on life like lights and sounds to add to the fun and enjoyment.

25 years ago, executives up and down the country felt the urge to begin cluttering their desks with various toys to prove their net worth and corporate importance. The desktop Newton’s Cradle was pretty cool and those little liquid droppers were interesting, but the stacking magnets and floating pens were just plain silly. Skip forward to 2011 and such desktop gimmicks are increasingly rare in the office. The LED Cube is poised to change all that. The perspex box contains 64 LED lights each of which is capable of displaying 1000 different colours and shades. The LEDs are suspended in lines on fine wires which randomly cycle producing millions of combinations of colours and patterns. The overall effect is definitely eye-catching and even a little, dare we say it, hypnotic. Anyone observing the LED Cube will be hard pushed not to stare with fascination as the lights change colour slowly in an ever changing symphony of silent twinkling. So when you are sitting in the office and it is all getting a little bit too much, take a quick glance at the LED Cube and enjoy a few seconds of relaxing light play. Even if the answer to your problem does not immediately present itself, we guarantee that the scintillating LEDs will at least provide a brief, relaxing break. The LED Cube is also the perfect mood light for your home, helping provide an interesting conversation piece to your coffee table, or just a relaxing mood light. Wherever you choose to put your LED Cube, it is guaranteed to attract admiring glances and comments from all who see it.


Candle For the Man in your Life

If at home you like a candle or two then have a look at these. Designed with Men in mind. A candle with scents to help the man in your life relax and unwind.

Bit different, liking the look of these candles though unsure on the smells on offer.

Let him enjoy a completely guilt-free temptation with these amazing smelling Temptation Trio candle, called so because of their smelling essences. Each candle contains three different indulgent essences and with two types of candles he can choose to be home or away…

Choose from:
‘Barbados Nights’, a heavenly mixture of Dewdrops, Amber Musk & Sandalwood, a fresh scent with an earthy base and delicate sweet notes.
‘Pomegranate Tart’, a flavoursome combination of Pomegranate, Vanilla & Cinnamon, a heady mixed fragrance with a spicy twang.

The candles will liquefy when lit and release an intoxicating scent into the room, creating relaxing and calming ambience, perfect to set the mood.

A wonderful home gift for him to unwind to.


– Diameter: 9cm
– Height: 9.9cm
– Weight: 658g


For those who cant have real pets… Welcome Desk Pets

I remember when I was young there was a big craze for Tamagotchi. Remember those? When you had to keep the computer pet alive and well using a couple of buttons on the front of the small gadget.

Thankfully technology has moved forward and now you can get a variey of different gadgets for those who can’t own pets.

Welcome to Deskpets. Controlled from your phone ( forget remote control toys) you can have hours of fun with these.

For someone who never got a Tamagotchi… I think I need one of these, now whih one to choose?!!

Choose your Deskpet to control

Here at Firebox HQ we’ve seen our fair share of remote controlled gadgets. Some move about on wheels, some on tracks, some on a cushion of air; but they all share one thing in common. They all need a remote control. Well not the App Control Desk Pets!

Choose between Tankbot (sturdy), Trekbot (speedy), or Skitterbot (slightly scary). Each has three different operating modes: the first sends your Desk Pet beeping and flashing away in a world of its own, oblivious to its surroundings; the second mode lets you turn your own smartphone into a remote control; and the third lets your Desk Pet discover the world all on its own!

Full control from the App

How? Well, advanced optical navigation technology allows Desk Pets to feel their way around obstacles and work out where to move next. Set them to work in a maze of baked bean tins, or just let them pootle around the living room. Their collection of sounds and light-up eyes should always let you know where they are. But never mind that; did we mention you can use your own smartphone as the remote control?

Optical navigation technology

That’s right; all you need to do is download the Desk Pet App (for free) and then plug the supplied dongle into your smartphone’s headphone socket. Then simply use the touchscreen controls to guide your App Control Desk Pets around. No battery-sapping Bluetooth, or wireless technology required!

When the power runs out, just flip out the USB connector in the back of your Desk Pet and plug it into the nearest USB port. Around 40 minutes should give you up to 15 minutes of play time. With a top speed of 1ft per second they’re even fast enough to race. And there’s no need to take them outside to do their business either. Now that’s a perfect pet.


Tankbots available (L-R): Blue, Orange, Black and Green


Trekbots available (L-R): Clear, Black, and Yellow


Skitterbots available (L-R): Blue and Clear

What every gamer needs Pyramat S1500W Gaming Chair

With my HD gaming, I like to be comfortable. This  Pyramat S1500W Gaming Chair is def the way forward.


Gaming Chair
Gaming Chair

If you are old enough to remember the 70s movies Rollercoaster and Earthquake, then you probably can remember that these two disaster movies were pitched to their waiting audience as having a new effect called SENSURROUND. Well, although the films weren’t memorable Hollywood gems, the effects were here to stay and are now available in the comfort of your own home!

And if you’re a serious gamer, you can now put yourself right in the centre of the action with the amazing Pyramat S15000 SOUNDER ROCKER. This fantastic chair takes gaming to the next level as you rock your way to the action.

Designed by gamers for gamers, it’s fully compatible with all game consoles, iPods, TV, VCR, DVD and MP3 players and game consoles such as Playstation (PS2, PS3), XBox, Wii, Game Cube, Nintendo DS luring the gamer into the ultimate experience. The sound surround turns artillery explosions into a cacophony of sound and the seat shaking is so real you can almost smell the cordite. With a PowerSub subwoofer and twin-directional full-range speakers, game-players are totally engulfed in sound, enabling them to lose themselves to the world in which they wish to be a part of. The 5.5″” ARX sub woofer delivers crisp, high power audio and thumping bass in the base of the chair.

As comfortable as a luxury chair, yet as dynamic as any gaming equipment, the S1500 has been ergonomically and ingeniously designed to support intense play with the chair “rocking” with the movement of the player and is still cool enough for the most discerning gamer.

Product Featuers

  • 8-channel FM wireless 2 full-range speakers with 3.5inch subwoofer: surround yourself in personal sound through ARX speaker technology.
  • The ARX hi-fi performance sound system works with all game consoles and audio devices.
  • PVC/Mesh fabric comfortable seatback with new style headrest.
  • Easy-reach controls 3.5mm mini jack in/output for multiplayer option: connect with your friends for the ultimate gaming experience.
  • Up to 4 units can be connected for intense multi-player gaming.
  • Compatible with all gaming consoles.
  • Folds for storage.


Surely the greatest thing ever: Baconnaise

Lets face it, we all love bacon. Now imagine if everything could taste like bacon

Baconnaise Description

Some things are just meant to be together. Cheese and pickle, salt and pepper, Simon Cowell and Sinatta, bacon and mayonnaise. Yep you heard us right, bacon and mayonnaise. Think about it. It’s genius. Put them together and the result is a scrumptious spread that can be used whenever you need a touch of bacon flavour in your life.

Put it on your chips, put it in a sandwich with lettuce and tomato and make the ultimate BLT. The possibilities are endless. It is even suitable for vegetarians so those who fancy the bacon taste without actually eating a little piggy can enjoy it!

Baconnaise mmmmmm
Baconnaise mmmmmm

Plus, it is actually healthier than regular mayonnaise so good for all you calorie counters out there. Use it as a dressing for your salad and you get a healthy and super tasty lunch!

Try it yourself and you’ll wonder how you coped without this creative condiment before!


  • 443ml of delicious bacon flavoured spread

Feel like making your own guitar picks? Try the Pickmaster Plectrum Punch

I have always wondered what it would be like to make your own guitar pick. Especially with those crazy designs they sometimes have. Now I can with this top product.

This AMAZING product really does pack a punch. When it landed on our desk we stood back in AWE and worshipped The Pickmaster Plectrum Punch. Never again will you get caught out without a plectrum plucker! After that little tongue twister lets talk about the product. This ingenious piece of kit allows you to make a perfect plectrum out of anything plastic – if you need a little help with ideas here are a few to help you on your way – credit cards, gift cards, blister packs, carton lids, in fact anything plastic that you can find. Answers on a postcard please.

You don’t have to be a genius to work this product, it really is as simple as it looks. It works in exactly the same way as a standard hole punch. Just imagine the fun you can have in the knowledge that you’re also helping the environment. Now that really does ROCK!

Rock up, rock out and knock one out. Let’s hear it for The Pickmaster Plectrum Punch.

Dimensions (Cut out plectrum):

  • Height – 3cm
  • Width – 2.5cm